King Town Hall Series – March 5/20 Event

Mar 4, 2020

King Community Town Hall Series

Thursday, March 5/20 from 7 – 9 pm

“Is Every Tree Important?”

Guest Panel: Five Panelists with expertise including Peter Wynnyczuk.

  • Dr Laura Westra: international law and human rights
  • Mr Peter Wynnyczuk: trees, forestry, and property rights
  • Dr Riina Bray: environment and health
  • Dr Hans Martin, atmosphere and mature trees
  • Mr Avrum Liederman: costs and benefits of trees

Location: King City Secondary School (East Door) by the parking lot.

Individual community members have partnered with King City Secondary School to bring you King Community Town Hall Events. Have you ideas? Questions? Would you like to join them? Contact them at

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