Highway 413 Spring 2021 Update

May 27, 2021

CCKT has made deputations on the 413 issue at York Region on three occasions for far:

  • Feb 11:  Sherry Draisey; oral
  • Feb 25:  written request for Federal Environmental Assessment
  • March 18 :  Jennifer Anstey; oral

King’s Mayor, Steve Pelligrini, made a motion at York Regional Council on March 18 to stop highway 413. Unfortunately, the motion was defeated 13 to 8, largely because of the number of Vaughan Regional Councillors voting in its favour despite the Vaughan Council having also voted against the new highway.

On March 20th, CCKT took part in two (masked and socially distanced) rallies to stop the 413. The first was a flash mob at King Township offices, and the second was outside MPP Stephen Lecce’s riding office.  Attendance was limited due to COVID restrictions and police and bylaw officers made sure that everyone was safe.

It was a beautiful spring day and those of us that were there celebrated more than protested because we knew we had the support of King Township backing us. We played the song The Township of King by the famous Barenaked Ladies which seemed appropriate for the occasion. Photos and video can be seen here:  Stop the 413 Rally, March 20, 2021 | CCKT

March 24:  Ontario government budget makes no mention of 413.

March 25: King Township unanimously approved a motion to stop the 413.

April 4:  Purvis bike ride approximately along 413 route:  What We Discovered Biking the Proposed Route of Highway 413 | CCKT

May 3:  Federal Government will Oversee Environmental Assessment

We don’t know if the 413 is really stopped yet; we’re optimistic, but still watching. We continue to support our neighbours in Vaughan and Peel who are have their own local initiatives against the highway and we all welcomed the news that the Federal Government will begin a Federal Impact Assessment.

According to a report issued by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC), “The agency is of the view that the project may cause adverse direct or incidental effects on the critical habitat of three federally-listed species at risk on non-federal lands.”