Climate Action King Webinar

May 26, 2021

Replacing Your Furnace: Air to Air Heat Pumps for Cold Climate

Are you interested in efficiency? Looking for more sustainable methods to heat your home? For a long time options for heating your home in Ontario consisted of Natural Gas, Propane, Baseboard Electric or even wood. A new twist on an old technology now allows a healthier and more comfortable house while using 1/4 the electricity of a baseboard electric. Modern heat pumps are now the best choice for heating your home and this seminar will explain how they work and describe how you can make your home more comfortable year round.

​Climate Action King is putting on three webinars consisting of a half hour presentation followed by a discussion, including questions from the audience. There are 3 webinar dates to choose from, the presentation will be the same for each day but questions from the audience may change.

The speaker is Keith Beckley, whoh has worked his entire life in the tech sector, first in fiber optics and more recently in biomedical engineering field. More recently his focus has been on the ‘electrify everything’ movement and the need to move all of our energy related activities off fossil fuels.

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