CCKT Deputation Regarding York Region MCR

Sep 16, 2021


September 16, 2021

Alternate 2051 Forecast and Land Needs Assessment Scenarios in Response to Consultation

September 15, 2021

Dear Mayors and Members of York Region Council,

Re:  Alternative Forecast and Land Needs Assessment.  Items F.1 (1) and (2)

As a citizen organization in York Region, CCKT advocates for future planning that addresses the climate emergency, protects valuable prime farmland for food security in Ontario, and builds complete communities with transit-supportive densities, we ask you to require higher intensification targets and higher density than what is proposed in the options found in the staff report.

CCKT supports overall intensification targets that are 60% or greater, particularly in our more urbanized municipalities with fairly extensive transit options.  In addition we recommend an analysis of higher densities 60, 70 and 80 residents and jobs per ha which are tailored

And with a view to preserving prime farmland and maintain healthy headwaters to watersheds, we ask that new growth and building be kept within current urban boundaries.  We understand there is already a generous land supply available within the settlement area boundaries to see new housing and employment move forward for many years.

CCKT supports a phased approach in ten year increments that can adjust to various factors including actual population growth, climate change priorities and changing housing, transportation and employment needs.

With a future vision for protecting and sustaining prime farmland and natural heritage systems on the Oak Ridges Moraine and throughout York Region, CCKT urges York Region Council not to vote in support of Items F.1 (1) and (2), and firmly maintain current Settlement Area boundaries with no expansions.  Instead, please direct staff to prepare alternative options employing higher intensification targets 60% or higher on average, and higher densities between 60 and 80 residents and jobs per hectare.

Thank you for receiving and considering our comments.

Sincerely, J. Bruce Craig, Chair, Concerned Citizens of King Township