We will miss Fiona Cowles

Fiona Cowles
Oct 9, 2013

Fiona’s relatively sudden passing on October 2nd came as a shock to us all on the CCKT Board. Though in treatment, she was present and active at nearly all of our meetings, contributing her thoughts and strategies as always.

Fiona was an active participant on just about every issue CCKT champions. She started debate and discussion on issues, and tackled problems with letters and presentations to match.

Fiona was Secretary of CCKT for many years, from the 1980’s well into the 1990’s. She was absent from our Board for a period to engage her other many volunteer interests, and rejoined us in 2009.

Through CCKT, Fiona helped to review various planning applications and plans including the King City Community Plan and the King Township Official Plan.  She always brought a thoughtful and reasoned approach to each application and issue.  Priorities for Fiona included protection of valuable heritage resources and natural corridors and features, along with a strong appreciation for creative and attractive architectural design.

With the support and encouragement of many people, Fiona ran for municipal Council in 1997 seeking to be the elected representative for Ward 5. In addition, Fiona was a key advocate that saw the establishment of an EAC in King (Environmental Advisory Committee) and she served as Chair of KEAC from 2002 to 2004.

We remember Fiona as: Always active and on the go, an explorer and adventurer; always respectful and gracious; dedicated and loyal; resilient and perseverant; a wonderful example to others; a lifelong learner who enjoyed a wide range of interests; generous with her time and talents; and a remarkable volunteer in the community and beyond who loved to discuss topics of interest and to collaborate with others on projects.

It was an honour and privilege to know Fiona. We will miss her dearly.

FIONA COWLES   May 18, 1939 – October 2, 2013

Greg Locke
on behalf of the CCKT Board of Directors

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