Video of October 10/19 All Candidates Meeting for King-Vaughan

Oct 20, 2019

The second of two All Candidate Meetings for King-Vaughan, hosted by CCKT on October 10/19. Only the Liberal Party, the NDP, and the Green Party participated.

Q1. Climate Emergency and Support for Municipal Climate Action.

  • “The Municipal Council of King recently passed a Declaration of a Climate Emergency. Council also adopted a King Energy Management Plan targeting a municipal reduction to meet IPCC’s target of a 45 per cent reduction in carbon and GHGs in its municipal operations by 2030.
  • Does your party support a national declaration of a climate emergency?
  • Does your party support the 45% target in reduction of GHG’s for Canada by 2030, relative to 2010 levels?
  • Specifically how does your party propose to have the federal government assist municipalities such as King Township in achieving the 45% target as they implement “Community Climate Action Plans” including changes and new development in transportation, housing, education, health care delivery and other components of a sustainable community?

Q2. Housing Affordability

Housing Affordability has become a significant issue in many cities across Canada particularly in Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area including King Township. Most first time buyers are effectively shut out of the market. In addition, many rental properties in the GTA are beyond reach for a large number of people. What specific policies will your party implement to make housing more affordable in the GTA and specifically in York Region and the King-Vaughan riding?

Q3. Fossil Fuel Subsidies / Investment and Jobs in Renewable Energy.

Ongoing fossil fuel subsidies (including tax incentives) cost Canadian taxpayers impact the health of Canadians, plus contribute significantly to increased GHG emissions and the climate emergency. According to reports, federal governments in Canada over the past ten years have made limited progress in the phase out of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies and incentives to expand the oil and gas industries.

  • What is your party’s position on fossil fuel subsidies (including tax breaks) and goals over the next four years?
  • What specific opportunities does your party see and plan for re-investment of these public funds in
    the renewable energy sector and the creation of new jobs for the future?

Audience Questions:

01:30 – Housing Affordability
11:15 – Cuts to Foreign Aid
20:20 – Gun Control
27:15 – Rural Internet Access
35:45 – Truth & Reconcilliation
44:00 – Working with other parties

Candidate Closing Remarks

51:30 – Green Party
54:05 – NDP
56:15 – Liberal Party