Update on East Humber Headwaters Park

May 27, 2021

The proposed East Humber Headwaters Park in King Township continues to gain attention and support from the Township Council, government officials including King-Vaughan MPP, Minister Stephen Lecce, and members of the public.

The owners of the parcel of 208 hectares of land in this area are prepared to convey the King parcel to the Province, in exchange for lands in another municipality for development potential.

Most recently, the creation of the park was mentioned in the 2021 Ontario Budget. Under the section labelled “Growing the Greenbelt”, the document mentions the government’s desire to expand the size of the Greenbelt and specifically mentions the East Humber Headwaters Park:

“To build upon Ontario’s commitment, the government is exploring the enhancement of the Greenbelt through the creation of the East Humber Headwaters Park on the Oak Ridges Moraine. A new park could provide an uninterrupted link between the eastern and western ends of the moraine and includes the headwaters of the East Humber River. This would support the restoration of the over 500‐acre vacant site to its natural state.

“This historic expansion and protection — one of the largest near urban parks in the country — would position the Township of King and the entire province as a leader in conservation and as a steward of Ontario’s natural heritage.”

“I will be bringing a consultation together with the township, community members and conservation authorities on the future development of the East Humber Headwaters Park — a priority for our government and the King community. I am fully committed to the protection of our natural environment and seeing conservation and parks expanded across King and Vaughan, leaving a legacy for the next generation. I will continue working with all partners to get this done,” Lecce said in a statement.

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