Trails and Conservation

Dec 19, 2010

It is evident that most of King’s landowners care for the land in many ways, some contact Ducks Unlimited to restore a wetland, while others manage a forest or leave hedgerows. The Happy Valley forest, ( is one of the largest (1,500 acre) remaining intact deciduous forests on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Many landowners in this area have been contacted by the Nature Conservancy of Canada to make a donation of land or to place a conservation easement on their property. Hundreds of acres of land in King is protected through the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust, the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

One of the best ways to experience King is by walking on the Oak Ridges Trail ( Fortunately for us, many landowners in King host the Oak Ridge Trail on their property allowing us all to experience nature firsthand and get some great exercise. Our forests and wetlands are valuable and are increasingly under the microscope at the University of Toronto Koffler Scientific Research Centre in the north east corner of the Township.