Join us at the Official Plan Review Special Council Meeting

Nov 28, 2013

Please join us tonight at the Country Day School for this special Council meeting that will discuss and received public input (Including CCKT) on this major Planning initiative.

THIS IS THE TIME for Council and Staff to hear your questions and concerns.  There are many good reasons why this ecercise is being undertaken, that CCKT largely endorses (but with a few exceptions and recommendations!).

It starts at 6:00 pm in the school auditorium.

Our Chair, Greg Locke, will be making a deputation to Council on behalf of our Board and Membership.

Here is a link to the Township website announcement of this event with links to key documents.

Here is a link to the meeting Agenda, including a link to the Staff Report and Introduction.

And if you can’t make the meeting, here is a copy of CCKT’s deputation to Council, delivered by Greg Locke.

See you there!