Support for Online Petition RE: Kettleby Variance Application

Christ Church in Kettleby
Feb 18, 2014

Please join this campaign:

Local resident Christy Pieroway is asking friends & King Township neighbours for support against a variance application that is underway to allow a 4000 square foot home to be built across from Christ Church on Kettleby Road. She has created an online petition for those who can’t get into Kettleby to sign the written one at the Kettleby Bakery.

Joanne Duclos managed to get 36 signatures when she went door to door on February 17. If you can generate any additional local support – Keele Street, Jane Street, King City, Schomberg, Pottageville or King Township, please do send this to your friends & neighbours. The hearing is on February 19th so we need to act quickly.

If you have signed the written petition, no need to double dip!

Please join this campaign:

Committee of Adjustment, Township of King, Municipal Offices, 2075 King Road, King City, Ontario: We strongly urge the Committee to turn down the request from Lot 3 to bypass Section 8.26 (ii) of Zoning By-law #74-53 to increase the Gross Floor Area from 3500 square feet to 4000 square feet.

Further detail is below:

The owner is requesting to bypass Section 8.26 (ii) of Zoning By-law #74-53, as amended by By-law #2001-52, to increase the Gross Floor Area from 3500 square feet to 4000 square feet.

As a result of a lengthy process of development approval, with significant input from village residents, compromises by the developers, determination of a maximum size for homes to be built, a proviso for site plan approvals for each house, and indeed a Township Bylaw setting out the resultant restrictions, the community had confidence that if major change was to come to our village, at least it would be under certain controls of the Township Council and Planning Dept. to ensure some semblance of compatibility with the rest of this area. We strongly oppose the granting of a variance from the provisions of the Bylaw, especially one which significantly increases the size of the proposed house in question, and presumably other houses yet to be built, thus negating the spirit and intent of the Bylaw which was passed after careful consideration of the various interests, not the least of which was the integrity of the Hamlet of Kettleby.

We are not contesting the opportunity to use the infill lots created along Kettleby Rd by Council, nor are we contesting the size of the houses (3500 sq ft). We are simply asking that the bylaw created by the Township to control the site plans be respected.

* This house and the other new lots near it are directly part of the main street fabric of Kettleby. They are highly visible as either contributing to the streetscape of main street Kettleby, or harmful to it. There are no in-betweens. The already-approved parameters are significantly larger than all other houses on main street and will already impact the look and feel of a historic landmark street in King Township. To increase the parameter yet again and by such a sizable amount is harmful to main street Kettleby’s historic value as a place to own a home and further takes away from the two most important historic landmarks directly across the street from the build area.