#Stopthe 413 Day of Action

Spencer was thinking of us on Saturday
Oct 4, 2021

By Sherry Draisey

There were at least two local events that CCKT participated in on the July 24th Day of Action to #Stepthe413. We know we had members that were with us in spirit, and took some pictures for us at local landmarks.

The first event was at King-Vaughan Line and Weston Road on Saturday morning.  We were a small group, talking to drivers stopped at the intersection.  We did get a few photos of that event, and several car honks as we waved our signs – mostly pleasant honks, even from the truck drivers (who should not have been travelling that section of road).

The second event was at the Northbound 400 Service Center.  After selecting the location, it occurred to us that we did not have permission to utilize a private commercial location.  We decided to politely proceed, until we were asked to leave. The location had been chosen because it represents the termination of the potential 413 highway, so that made it useful to ‘locate’ in people’s mind.  And it also had the potential to let them realize the new highway and associated construction was likely to influence their travel.

As part of our #Stopthe413 effort, we had plenty of fact sheets to hand out which were well received.  Susan Beharriel was our champion and evaded detection long enough to speak with many families going through the drive thru line. They were receptive to our message, the children in the cars particularly so!

More recently, I’ve been visiting my neighbours with fact sheets and they too have been very receptive to our message. No one is totally sure that the highway is dead, though the developers are probably being reassured that its not.

The GTA West Corridor Project Office put on a virtual Community Information Session July 28 – as if 413  is still a go project.  The session was clearly organized to avoid contentious public input.  Many of us put serious questions forward, which were not answered.  There was a sort of simple public questionnaire that ‘appeared’ to allow for public input.

The GTA West Corridor Project Office has proposed a repeated Community Information Session for September 29.  The overall #Stopthe413 Facebook group is putting together a press release to dispute the usefulness of such presentations.