Spring Newsletter – March 2013

Mar 25, 2013


concerned citizens of king township inc.


P.O. Box 875, King City, Ontario L7B 1A9    







You are invited to attend our . . . . .


Annual General Meeting

Sunday, April 7, 2013.  2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Trisan Centre, 25 Dillane Drive, Schomberg


Guest Speakers


Steve Pellegrini, Mayor of King Township


“King Township’s Sustainability Plan – A Year Later”


Dr. Arthur  Weis, PH.D.

Director, Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill


“Seeding Tomorrows Environmental Experts”

Refreshments Served

Non-Members Are Welcome


Snapshot of Current Planning Issues in King


New Hamlet Proposed between Laskay and Nobleton


The residents of Mill Road and Elmpine Trail, south of King Road, are unanimously opposed to a proposed development on a farm property just to the south of them.  The Applicant (Pacifico) is asking that the existing Mill Road area homes be rezoned as a new Hamlet, with the hopes of expanding the hamlet to include the land to the south and re-zoning land from its current designation as Protected Countryside and Greenbelt Natural Heritage. The developer wishes to build 68 homes, an assisted living building, community centre and commercial buildings.  The current Provincial Policy Statement directs development to occur within existing built-up areas with full-municipal services. The tricky part is that the Applicant is pursuing a legal loophole, by taking York Region to the OMB, arguing that because the Township approved OPAs 58 and 580 some years ago (the latter “580” being required as an ORM conformity exercise prior to the Greenbelt Legislation), the Region should be required to sign off on it. Under OPAs 58 and 580, the farmland under question was in a less restrictively category; however presumably it will be argued that they ultimately became redundant because of the Greenbelt legislation which supersedes the ORM Plan.


Last month Township Council had a public meeting on this application and CCKT spoke against this application.  In addition, Council held a second but related public meeting and they voted unanimously to withdraw the Township’s approval of OPA 58-580. The outcome of this proposal could set a precedent for other developers who hold large parcels of land in rural King and are waiting patiently for an opportunity to develop them.



Old Schomberg Arena


The Township needs to recoup $3-5 million or more through the sale or long term private/public partnership of the old Schomberg arena, as part of the previous Council’s committed formula to fund the Township portion of debt of the Trisan Centre. The likely intent is to enter into a long-term lease agreement while retaining ownership of this holding in the heart of Schomberg. The Township has released a Request for Expression of Interest for alternative uses for the old arena; the closing for REI is April 25th. Copies of documents can be arranged for pickup from the Township or received electronically through Biddingo.com (at a cost from Biddingo of $142, if you’re not a registered user). 




Mary Lake Estates Subdivision, King City 


The proposed plan of subdivision at the southwest corner of Keele Street and 15th Sideroad continues to be of major concern to local residents.  In response to their concerns for compatibility, the developer has enlarged the lots and reducing their number where the plan is adjacent to the existing Kingscross estate subdivision. The lots further north and to the east are a higher density and concerns remain than they are incompatible with existing neighbourhoods in the northeast quadrant of King City.


Unfortunately, the Township’s ability to influence this is much hampered by the OMB decision on the KC Community Plan, and the deal done with the developer with regards to sewage allocation and their financial contribution. The OMB hearing to deal with this application is scheduled to being on April 18, 2013.



Scotia Bank In Nobleton


When the No Frills plaza was in the development stage, the public was shown plans for multiple buildings on the property. The developer was receptive to and provided conceptual drawings which reflected a heritage look and feel.  In June of 2012, Scotia Bank submitted a Site Plan Amendment for their building, and when it came to Council for approval in February,  CCKT noticed that the new plans were far less in keeping with the heritage feel. CCKT raised concerns to Council in February and Council subsequently decided to refer the Site Plan Amendment back to staff for further consideration. Mayor Pellegrini and Councilor Grandilli are working directly with Scotia Bank to come up with a revised design. CCKT supports our Sustainability Plan, which advocates for community development reflecting our history and heritage.



Wedding Facility Application (Weston Road south of Aurora Road)


The application concerns the 121 acre property immediately west of Hwy 400. This site is on the Oak Ridges Moraine and designated as “Agricultural Policy Area” by the York Region Official Plan, which permits farms and accessory uses. There is strong opposition by local residents as well as STORM (Save the Oak Ridges Moraine). The applicant intends to appeal the application to the OMB, but no word on hearing at this time. CCKT is awaiting Township staff’s position on this appeal  in order to formulate our strategy going forward.




McClure Drive Subdivision, King City


This is a positive example of how local residents have worked with a developer to achieve a development plan which respects the interests of both parties and the existing community.  From an original application proposing 45 townhouses and 4 detached houses presented a year ago, two weeks ago a revised plan with 18 single family dwellings was presented at a Public Meeting before the King Township Council.  A final staff report and recommendations is in the works and will eventually go before Council.



King City Corporate Centre(Southwest corner of King Rd. & Jane St.)


The development application for warehousing, retail space and five-storey condominium style buildings was unanimously turned down by King Council on the grounds that the King City Community Plan (KCCP) identifies this land as a “prestige employment” area, intending to provide high quality employment opportunities and acting as an iconic gateway to the village. The Ontario Planning Act stipulates that a significant departure by a planning application from the planned land use designation means that the developer will not have the right to appeal their plan to the OMB, and thus would be required to come forward with an alternative site development plan.   



CCKT in 2013


CCKT has a history of representing the interests of citizens and we are celebrating our 40th year as the voice of King. As a volunteer organization in King Township, we seek to bring a strong, thoughtful, informed voice forward and advocating for plans and actions which protect the integrity and function of the natural environment – preserve valuable heritage resources – giving us meaningful connections with our history – maintaining our rural areas – and advocating for well-designed, sustainable communities.  


With this newsletter, please find a CCKT Membership Form for 2013. We relay 100% on our membership dues,  so we ask you to please complete the form and return with your annual membership dues, either bring it with you to the upcoming Annual General Meeting on April 7th or via Canada Post.  Also invite neighbours, family and friends to join.  It is critical for CCKT to maintain a strong membership in order to keep a strong citizen voice.        

2013 CCKT Board:  

Greg Locke: Chair, Bruce Craig: Vice-chair, Fred Jessop: Treasurer, Fiona Cowles,  Lee Ann Kraft, Andrea Loeppky, Gill Watt.

Thank you for your continued interest and financial support for CCKT.