Dec 19, 2010


Schomberg is located at the corner of Highway 9 and regional road 27. Early in 2011 the Township of King announced it is collaborating with York Regional Police to develop a community policing station in Schomberg.

Despite being the smallest community in King Township Schomberg is the location of a new recreation centre for King. The financing of a new recreation facility is 1/3 federal, 1/3 provincial and the balance of approximately $4,000,000 paid by King Township taxpayers. The facility includes a 68,000 square foot ice surface and a four sheet curling facility, and a fitness centre.

Schomberg is home of the Dufferin Marsh, a conserved wetland in town that is managed by the Dufferin Marsh Committee- see <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”></a>
<blockquote>’The Dufferin Marsh is a wetland that provides for a variety of natural features and functions. During major rainfall or spring melt it becomes inundated with water, protecting other areas from flooding. The water held in the Marsh is cleansed through biological processes and filtered into the ground, recharging the groundwater system.

The Dufferin Marsh contains a variety of plant communities, which support resident and migratory birds and animals. More than 50 species of birds have been observed in the wetland. The avian diversity is unusual and significant for a small wetland.’

Excerpt from the Dufferin Marsh website

What’s on in Schomberg?

Schomberg is an active community with a number of memorable events hosted each year. One of the favorite evening events is Main Street Christmas. To find out about events in Schomberg visit

For 71 years the Schomberg Horticultural Society has been playing an active role in the community. They tend the beautiful public gardens at the south entrance to town and the lilies at the library.

Enjoy the Schomberg Fair, on the last weekend in May, the oldest and best spring agricultural fairs around.