Candidate Answers

CCKT posed the following questions to the candidates running in the King-Vaughan riding in the 2022 Provincial election.

CCKT believes it is important to be well-informed on relevant issues and the positions of the candidates when voting, and has organized All Candidate Meetings at the Provincial, Federal, and Municipal level going back many elections.

This year, due to the shortened election period and challenges confirming candidate availability, we were unable to run an All Candidate Meeting. Therefore, the following three questions were sent to each of the candidates, requesting that they reply with succinct answers (approx 250 words) by Friday, May 20.

Answers were received by the New Blue Party, Liberals, and PCs.

Tap the tab with the candidate name to see their response.

Question #1 – Urban Sprawl + Local Food Supply

As we all know the food supply chain was tested over the past two years through the pandemic and the issue of maintaining local food security has been highlighted.  What specific actions will you and your party take to prevent continued urban sprawl and preserve prime agricultural land in the GTA and beyond in southern Ontario?

Urban sprawl harms our environment and limits the arable land. Over the last 4 years, under Ford Conservatives Ontario’s environmental laws have been loosened to make room for more urban sprawl that only keeps developers happy at the expense of the rest of us. The global pandemic demonstrated how vital it is to have a strong domestic supply chain for food and essential crops. To prevent sprawl, an Ontario Liberal government will reintroduce municipal urban intensification requirements. This will encourage municipalities to advance zoning reform to allow modest density and growth in already built-up areas instead of expanding urban boundaries and encroaching farmlands. We will allow, in collaboration with municipalities, homes of up to two stories and three units to be built as-of-right so that we can boost supply of housing without having to ruin arable lands at the outskirt of cities. Doing so also creates a degree of uniformity across a municipality unlike the Ford government’s approach of building skyscrapers near transit hubs – concentrating density in small pockets of municipalities causing chaos and upsetting local residents.

Ford Conservatives have gutted our conservation authorities which are at the forefront of the battle to protect wetlands, endangered species and sensitive ecosystems. We’ll reverse those regulatory changes, strengthen conservation authorities and provide them with the right set of tools and power to prevent sprawl and preserve our pristine environment.

Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZOs) have let the Ford Conservatives rezone land without any public or environmental consultation. We’ll scrap MZOs and replace them with a new rules-based measure limited to critical provincial projects only – such as new not-for-profit long-term care homes. We’ll also require transparent consultations with affected local communities, and subject decisions to judicial review so that they are aligned with environmental protection legislation.

I strongly believe in supporting local farmers and small local businesses and never shut them down again! I encourage all the constituents of King Vaughan to shop from local farmers and farmer’s markets, as well as to choose to support small local businesses over big box stores.  While urban sprawl continues to transpire as a result of the growing population in Ontario, I will support the development of new and affordable housing, while protecting farmland, wetlands and other natural resources. We need a balanced approach to urban sprawl and environmentalism so that the needs of the community are met, while respecting and protecting the environment including farmland.

The agricultural sector is foundational to Ontario’s economy, and the Progressive Conservative Party continues to stand with farmers and this vital industry that provides a paycheque to over 720,000 Ontarians. We are committed to supporting King farmers and helping them reach new markets. Our team:

  • Stood up for our supply-managed sectors in international trade negotiations.
  • Passed the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act to protect Ontario’s food supply and farm animals from trespass activities.
  • Invested billions of dollars into rural broadband infrastructure.
  • Stood up against the Federal Government’s carbon tax which unfairly targets grain producers.
  • Made life easier for farmers who experience livestock and crop losses.
  • Reduced red tape for beef farmers.
  • Expanding access to natural gas. 
  • Increased highway capacity means goods get to market faster. Produce from farms will be able to get from the Ontario Food Terminal quicker.

The GTHA will receive over 900,000 people in the coming decade, the equivalent of the City of Ottawa. I realize that we must do more to create better access to housing and make it more affordable for young Canadians who want to pursue the dream of homeownership. That is why we are helping more families realize the dream of homeownership, the PC team has introduced legislative, regulatory, and policy changes to help build new homes in Ontario. And we will commit to 1.5 million new homes within 10 years.

We are fixing barriers to building new homes while protecting health, safety, the environment, the Greenbelt and agricultural lands. We are fully committed to not only protecting the Greenbelt but growing it, unlike the Del Duca-Wynne Liberals who carved into the Greenbelt 17 separate times, removing 350 acres of land in the Greenbelt.

Question #2 – Climate Emergency + Climate Action

The global climate crisis is clearly upon us with more extreme weather events such as overwhelming heat, extreme drought, widespread wildfires, and severe flooding as we witnessed in several parts of Canada in 2021.  What specific actions and programs will be implemented by you and your party to address the climate crisis, reduce GHG emissions, and transition Ontario forward quickly to a just, clean, renewable economy that leaves no one behind?

I believe in deeply respecting the environment and doing all we can as a society to reduce our global footprint, as such, I will advocate to put an indefinite hold or move the proposed hwy #413 to another location as it is not necessary for the King-Vaughan area at this time. Furthermore, the 413 would erode vast amounts of conservation.  I believe in affordable housing for all people, so that people could live and work within close proximity, thereby, reducing the amount of people and time in cars. I will also advocate for legislation that promotes clean air, clean water and clean soil.

Only a PC Government will continue historic investments to protect our environment and create jobs. It was a PC government that enacted the Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act. In 2020, Ontario’s world-class clean electricity system was 94 percent emissions-free. Now, we are:

  • Securing Ontario’s first electric vehicle battery plant with the largest investment in Canada’s history.
  • Securing the retool of GM’s Oshawa and Ingersoll plants. The CAMI plant will be Canada’s first full-scale electric production facility making the BrightDrop commercial vehicle.
  • Securing the retool of Ford’s Oakville Assembly Complex, transforming the facility into a hub for battery vehicle production.
  • Securing the retool of Honda’s Alliston plan to launch the production of hybrid cars.
  • Launching the largest subway expansion in Canadian history that will remove millions of vehicle trips from the roads, while building the infrastructure a modern economy and society demands.
  • Investing hundreds of millions in GO Transit at the King, Maple, and Rutherford stops — including noise barriers, expanded parking and EV stations.
  • One of the first EV chargers was installed at the King City ONroute, investing in bringing electric vehicle fast chargers to all ONroute locations.

I also delivered a major investment of $1 million in the North Maple Regional Park Trail to improve, expand and develop approximately six kilometres of new and existing park pathways and hiking trails.

We also partnered with steelmaker Dofasco with an investment to replace their coal ovens and blast furnaces with a low-emission Electric Furnace. This transformation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by three million tonnes annually and eliminate one of the largest sources of pollution.

We will continue to take seriously our obligation to future generations by investing in clean water, air, and land, through innovation to reduce emissions and protect the environment.

We will reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050. We will collaborate with the federal government to ensure that large polluters pay for pollution so that we can spend that revenue to support small businesses and families reduce their carbon footprint. We will provide smaller emerging cleantech companies with various financial supports such as loan guarantees, flexible-term loans, grants etc. through our Green Jobs Fund allowing us to create at least 25,000 direct and hundreds of thousands of indirect jobs in cleantech sector. We will offer both demand side and supply side policies that will help us boost EV/ZEV manufacturing and sales keeping our environment free from pollution while creating jobs. We will offer up to $8,000 rebates on the purchase of an EV and $1,500 for setting up charging stations.

We will stop Highway 413 and reinvest that money ($10 billion) to build 200 new and repair 4,500 existing schools. We will strengthen our conservation authorities, designate 30% of the land as protected land, expand greenbelt, stop urban sprawl, help farmers adopt sustainable farming practices, create 5 new provincial parks, and plant 100 million trees annually for 8 years. We will issue grants of up to $3,000 for families to make their homes energy efficient while offering small businesses with interest-free loans and grants to do the same. We will make the Government of Ontario net-zero by 2030 allowing us to lead by example. 

We will make a historic capital and operational investment in public transit so that the service becomes frequent, reliable and the network can be broad. We’ll electrify GO trains and reduce fare for all transit to $1/ride until 2024 (transit agencies will be compensated for any revenue loss through $1.8 billion investment). We’ll ban new gas-powered electricity generation and develop a strategy to determine a reasonable mix of nuclear, gas and renewable source of power taking into consideration affordability.

Question #3 – Natural Heritage Systems + Bio-diversity

Global bio-diversity loss has been clearly documented in virtually every part of the globe, and it is vital that every jurisdiction – municipal, provincial and federal – stem the tide and reverse this loss.  What specific actions will you and your party take to ensure that Ontario’s precious natural heritage systems and threatened species are protected and will again thrive for future generations?

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party recognizes the importance of bio-diversity and maintaining a thriving environment. This includes supporting freshwater resources and our commitment to protect them for generations to come. This critical resource, including lakes, waterways and groundwater, underpin our province’s economic prosperity and wellbeing – supporting Ontario’s manufacturing, power generation, fisheries, tourism, agriculture and drinking water.

The Progressive Conservative government has been investing in actions that will protect resources like the Great Lakes, through $5.8 million in funding for the Great Lakes projects run by local communities, organizations, universities and Indigenous peoples, launching the Great Lakes Local Action Fund, and investing $375,000 to collect plastic waste from marinas using plastic-capture technology.

Our PC team has made the clean-up of litter and waste a priority:

  • Enacting legislation establishing Ontario’s Day of Action on Litter.
  • Modernizing and enhancing Ontario’s blue box program and making producers pay.
  • Providing municipalities more say in the siting of landfills in or near their communities.


Under the leadership of Doug Ford, our PC team committed $24 million over the next three years for the Holland Marsh Phosphorous Recycling Facility project – the largest in Lake Simcoe’s history. Our PC Team continues to work across party lines and at all levels of government to protect the environment. For the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund, we delivered over $7 million to Vaughan and King Township, and over $11 million to York Region.

To protect and grow biodiversity which is an essential element of a healthy environment we must preserve our forests, modernize waste disposal, collection and recycling, and most importantly strengthen our regulatory bodies that safeguard sensitive ecosystem. An Ontario Liberal government will do all of that and more. Ontario Liberals created the Greenbelt and we are committed to continue protecting these natural lands. We’ll use a long-term, science based approach to bring more lands under the Greenbelt’s protection in close collaboration with local and Indigenous communities and farmers. We’ll also designate 30% of our land as protected areas by 2030 and create 5 new provincial parks. We’ll plant 800 million trees over the next 8 years helping us restore ecosystems and protect bodies of water.

We’ll repeal the Ford Conservatives’ environmentally-harmful changes to legislation related to conservation, land planning, the environment and endangered species. We’ll strengthen the powers of Ontario’s Conservation Authorities to prevent flooding and protect green spaces, wetlands, farmland, drinking water, biodiversity and species at risk. We’ll work closely with municipalities and Indigenous communities to protect and restore Ontario’s rivers, lakes, wetlands and watersheds. We’ll strengthen oversight and environmental protections over gravel and aggregate mining before approving new mines. We’ll also help municipalities install microplastic filtration in drinking and wastewater systems. We’ll divert and recycle 60% of waste from landfills by 2030 and 85% by 2050. We’ll update ineffective waste management and recycling in industrial and commercial sectors and hold polluters accountable for their waste. We’ll expand the list of products that can be recycled in Blue Bins and implement a landfill ban for food and organic waste. We’ll establish strong standards for plastics products including mandatory recyclable content to be used during manufacturing of plastic materials.

I believe in protecting our natural habitat and environment in King- Vaughan as much as possible. My party will support the ongoing protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine while at the same time, encourage residents and businesses to reduce waste as much as possible. I will legislate a ban on dumping toxic chemicals into our water supply which has negative consequences for humans and threatened species alike. Ultimately we need to live in a clean, safe and healthy environment free from harmful pesticides, chemicals and toxic spraying. I will promote eco-friendly and natural alternatives to protect the air, water and species for future generations. We must all do our part to support and protect the environment, while ensuring people can afford to live, work and play in King Vaughan! This can be accomplished through a balanced approach.