Please Stand Up NOW for the Oak Ridges Conservation Plan!

Nov 26, 2013

Dear Concerned Citizens of King Township,

On behalf of CCKT I would like to inform and encourage you to attend an important, local and potentially precedent-setting Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Hearing this week at Council offices in King City. It affects a major development application right here in King, on prime Moraine lands with high aquifer vulnerability and the potential to seriously and negatively affect ground water, soil, noise and traffic in our rural community.

As you may be aware, this application is to build a commercial banquet facility, a B&B and a children’s camp on a 100 acre parcel of land, situated the Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM), between Weston Road and Hwy 400 just south of the Lloydtown Aurora Road. Based on its clear understanding of the ORM legislation (that allows only very limited operation of recreational facilities) and out of concern for water, soil, noise, traffic and rural lifestyle issues, the Township turned down the application. The applicant, (Peter Eliopolous) has appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board.

The remainder of this first phase of the hearing will be held Wednesday the 27th, 10 – 4pm and Thursday morning 10am-12pm at the Township Council chambers in King City.

A group of area residents (Stewards of the Moraine) has hired a number of consultants and a Toronto law firm to oppose the application. Several lay and expert witnesses will testify before the Board regarding the main issue:
“Is the application for a commercial banquet hall a permitted use under the ORM legislation?” I will be one of the witnesses testifying in opposition to the application.

Only the lawyers and witnesses already involved will take part in the hearing. However, the public is most welcome to attend, and we encourage you to do so, to show your support for maintaining the principles of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan.

If this application is ruled to be a permitted use, then the hearing will continue in May, 2014 to decide on the soil, water, traffic, noise and rural lifestyle issues.

If this developer is allowed to build the facility proposed, then a very dangerous precedent will be set that would open the ORM to similar developments. King has a test case before it and Kind residents can play a
role in showing your opposition during the hearing.

You are most welcome to drop in at any time during the hearing hours. However, if you would like to coordinate shifts, please call one of the Stewards, Rolf or Rosemarie Ehrat at 905-727-5183 to “book”a session.

Thank you very much.

Greg Locke
Chair, CCKT
On behalf of your CCKT Board and Members