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Dec 19, 2010

We believe that YR should be objecting to the termination of Highway 427 at Major Mackenzie, a regional road. It is YR tax payers who will pay for maintenance of traffic coming off the Highway 427. Whereas, if it terminated on another provincial highway it would reduce traffic on regional roads.

To conclude, we understand that the population is growing and that people and goods need to move efficiently. For King Township, the draft 2031 network plan indicates that there continues to be a priority on moving goods & services over transit and rail service and protecting that which cannot be replaced—our natural environment, a rural community. We encourage the Region to take a sustainable approach that protects the environment within sensitive areas like the Oak Ridges Moraine while providing transportation routes between urban centres. If we are to retain King’s rural status it is necessary to reduce commuter traffic through our Township.


An ongoing risk to our Township’s rural character is the ever-growing number of commuters and trucks who pass through the Township. The consequences of this can be significant:

  • air and noise pollution for those living along what used to be “quiet country roads;”
  • applications such as road salt which pollute water wells, and nearby wetlands and vegetation;
  • more maintenance (i.e. spending tax dollars) to keep roads safe;
  • pressure to upgrade roads and facilitate more traffic at higher speeds.

Another risk is new road infrastructure, such as a possible new major highway cutting through the western portion of King: an extended 427. This represents a major assault on the Oak Ridges Moraine and will eliminate a number of productive local farms.

427 extension

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is working to provide for the efficient movement of people and goods within the context of the province’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe as released in July 2006. One of the critical identified problems is the existing and short-term transportation problems related to the current Highway 427 terminus, truck traffic accessibility to and from the CPR Vaughan Intermodal Facility, and their impact on inter-regional traffic in the Peel-York boundary area.

CCKT has been participating in the 427 study from the beginning as potential “solutions” have included extending the highway north, as far as Highway 9. There are numerous routes for this extension but invariably each one traverses the Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM). Such a project would have a disastrous impact on Ontario’s rain barrel as the aquifers of the Moraine provide drinking water for 250,000 people.

We believe other solutions must be considered including separating the routing of goods and services, alternative routes and widening existing highways if necessary. CCKT’s 427 Committee is composed of individuals who are landowners and business owners in King’s threatened area. Together they have created a compelling map of what is there to counteract the foolish comment we have heard at meetings that “nothing is there.”

What you can do to help:
Come to our next public meeting.
Join the 427 Committee.

To learn more, visit www.427corridor.com

York Region Road Projects

15th sideroad Environmental Assessment
York Region has undertaken an Environmental Assessment on the 15th sideroad; specifically the intersection of Keele and 15th . The notice of completion is posted on their website, at this time there is a 45 day period for comments to be heard.

Do you want to know if York Region has started a project or when there is a meeting about a regional road? Go to www.york.ca/Public+Notices/Public+Notices_Roads.htm