Organizational Announcement: CCKT Chair Greg Locke Stepping Down – Bruce Craig Incoming Interim Chair

Aug 29, 2014

Today we announce two organizational changes to our Board effective September 2nd, 2014:

Greg Locke, a Board member and Chair since June 2012, will step down effective September 2nd and resign from the Board to focus his efforts on being elected Councillor, Ward 4 on Monday October 27th.

Bruce Craig, current Vice-Chair will assume the role of Interim Chair, effective the same day.

Locke had this to say about his tenure leading CCKT’s efforts: “I’m delighted to have served in this capacity with such a fine group of King residents. I said on my appointment in 2012 (which seems recent as we’ve been so active in the community) that I followed a long line of environmental champions. Well, now I’m proud and humbled to be one of them! The time has come for me to step down to focus on engaging my local community further leading to the Fall election, in my pursuit of leadership of Ward 4.”

(Ward 4 encompasses Schomberg, Lloydtown and Pottageville in King Township.)

Bruce Craig is a retiring elementary school teacher with York Region District School Board. “Greg is leaving a solid track record of leadership and innovation behind him with us – for that we’re very thankful, and we wish him the best in his desire to lead King at the municipal level. I’ve agreed to lead the organization on an interim basis”.

Greg Locke (left) is outgoing CCKT Chair.  Bruce Craig (right) is incoming CCKT Interim Chair, effective September 2, 2014

Greg Locke (left) is outgoing CCKT Chair. Bruce Craig (right) is incoming CCKT Interim Chair, effective September 2, 2014

Greg was a candidate in the 2010 municipal election in Ward 4. “I decided to run again in 2014 following the last election. CCKT was a natural place for me to volunteer: my desire to serve my community and to learn and grow as an environmental citizen was more than satisfied working with this team. It opened my eyes further to what many of us take for granted living in King: our abundant rural vistas and quaint villages are here because residents have worked to preserve them, and this will be even more critical as we move forward. I now want to take that experience and desire and have a say where decisions are debated and made. I’ve appeared before Council advocating on behalf of CCKT on many occasions; now’s the time to turn the table.”

Treasurer Fred Jessop had these thoughts on working with Greg: Greg’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves! He’s a passionate defender of community values and important goals of King Township; in protecting and sustaining the Oak Ridges Moraine and King’s heritage resources; and advocating for excellent quality planning which reflects the input of residents and business owners. As Chair, Greg challenged and provided insightful information to Council and Staff on several contentious issues which came before them, including: the proposed wedding facility in the Countryside Area of the Oak Ridges Moraine; a proposed retirement community in the rural area of the Greenbelt a long distance from amenities; a proposed plaza on the west side of King City while the King Marketplace was seeking to be established and built on the east side of King City; successfully advocating for the excellent redesign of the new Scotiabank building in Nobleton, and more.”

Board member Lee Ann Kraft comments: “Greg’s a collaborative and perceptive leader who’s willing to devote abundant time to significant projects and issues, gaining insight and buy-in from those he’s engaged with. Most recently he showed us excellent leadership in championing, organizing and moderating our environmental forum this past April at the Kingbridge Centre. This was a highly attended event, to educate and activate public awareness and participation in the upcoming Provincial reviews of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, the Greenbelt Plan and the Niagara Escarpment Plan. Greg partnered with other community leaders, private companies and media to build it into a high quality event, informing and challenging all who attended. It was carried in various forms of media including Rogers TV and local newspapers. Greg will be a hard act to follow! We’ll miss him.“

(A copy of the Rogers TV taping is available through the King Library in DVD format.)

When asked why he has left it this late to step down as Chair, he replied: ” We took on two major projects this year, and I offered my skills to make them happen: The Kingbridge forum in April, and our policy document on our recommendations to the government for the upcoming 2015 conservation plan reviews. The latter took quite some time to get right, and we just released it publicly late last week. I want to step down with this excellent product as my last accomplishment before turning my attention to the election.“