Notes on 15th Sideroad Reconstruction

Nov 23, 2020

For approximately the past 18 months various work crews have been present on the 15th Sideroad between the 8th Concession and 27 Highway. These have included surveyors, Hydro, Bell, tree cutting and clearing teams, and Forest road construction (who remain to date).

Ainsley Engineering from Barrie were awarded this project by the Township and Forest Construction from Vaughan was engaged by Ainsley to do the construction of the project.

The purpose of the project is to improve the 15th Sideroad by widening, repaving, adding bike lanes (thought unnecessary by some residents) and to replace old deteriorating culverts.

In order to achieve this objective, the Township deemed it necessary to expropriate frontage from the properties of several residents on the south side of the 15 th Sd. Some received financial compensation while others did not. The explanation offered by the project engineer Wayne Pinkney, was unclear as to why.

The inconvenience caused to residents living on the stretch of the 15th affected by this project has been substantial. Traffic has been detoured for months preventing vehicles from travelling through from 8th Hwy 27, necessitating use of the 16 th Sd or King Sd. The condition of the road was treacherous, fraught with crater-like potholes and deep ruts which affected the vehicles forced to travel them daily.

 Noise associated with tree cutting and mulching ( to say nothing of the tragic loss of dozens of mature trees) started months ago. Hydro trucks have removed and relocated poles (resulting in several power outages). The annoying constant presence of myriad giant road construction vehicles digging, removing and relocating earth and performing road widening have disrupted existing driveway entrances (resulting in repeated loss of Bell landline service sometimes in excess of 24 hrs) and continue to produce ongoing noise and dust.

The removal of, in some cases, 30 feet of property frontage, besides greatly altering the visual aesthetic of the affected properties, has resulted in lower waterflow for some, whose wells are now within mere feet of the construction.

The 15th Sd was thankfully, partially repaved on Saturday November 14 between the 8th Con. to just west of Keewaydin Rd. The culverts remain mostly uninstalled and construction continues to date.