Moving 400/Lloydtown Aurora Rd. interchange south

Dec 19, 2010

We voiced these questions/concerns in December 2008; yet, the Master plan has not answered them.

What is the total plan? The need to build a new bridge due to the widening of Highway 400 is understood. If the interchange is to be south l km, what happens at the current location?

What is the “real” east/west corridor plan? It is not stated but it looks like there is a desire to create a straight east/west corridor from 400 to Bayview, at least, on the 18th SDRD/St. Johns SDRD. Indications of this are the plans to improve 18th from Bathurst to Yonge and to improve the interchange at St. John and Yonge.

With this new east/west corridor, what are the traffic implications? Residents on the strip between Jane and Dufferin already are nervous about the speed and level of traffic (both commuters and large trucks going to the gravel depot at Wellington and Dufferin).

How does this new east/west corridor “fit” with the East-West mid-York Study Area option identified at Keele and 17th Sideroad? Said differently: is there the possibility of two corridors south of Hwy 9 in King Township? It is our understanding that the East /West corridor is to connect the urban centres identified in the Places to Grow Act. A east/west corridor through King Township is not consistent with the identified need. Further, if the objective is to link the movement of goods why not create a rail corridor for the east west area that connects to the intermodal rail yard near the 427.

If the plan is not to create a new east/west corridor, why is YR creating a new interchange unnecessarily? Having just observed the creation of the new interchange at Teston Road and 400, we are acutely aware of the amount of land that is paved (i.e. destroyed) by such initiatives and the cost to taxpayers. Why create a new interchange?