Media Coverage: Margaret Coburn Memorial Bench Dedication

Dec 2, 2017

Sunday November 26th saw us celebrate Marg Coburn’s memorial bench dedication in the Schomberg Library grounds, a very suitable location as described in the wonderful coverage of our event in our two local newspapers.

The King Weekly Sentinel wrote this article with photo:

CCKT honours Margaret Coburn

The Concerned Citizens of King Township ( honoured one of its founders during a special ceremony Sunday in Schomberg.

CCKT unveiled a bench and plaque in hour of Margaret Coburn’s contributions. Coburn was one of the CCKT founders, going CCKT is the community’s voice for responsible planning that protects and values our natural heritage through: education, advocacy, partnerships, and community involvement.

Coburn was also was a founder of STORM (Save the Oak Ridges Moraine) with Dorothy Izzard. This organization spearheaded a broad advocacy movement which lead to the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and Greenbelt Plan being adopted by the provincial government (recently reviewed and renewed last year).

She was a York school board trustee for many years, as well as the King Township Library Board. She also ran for mayor of King Township in 1997.

She was active almost to the end of her life, working on the “Roads Committee” with CCKT to monitor and engage in the Highway 427 expansion plans and most recently, the proposed Highway 413 proposal.

Following her death in 2016 at a commemoration meeting CCKT held last November, they announced a fundraiser for a memorial bench and plaque for her. They raised the funds quite easily and quickly!

The Schomberg Library grounds seemed a natural place to locate the memorial, since it’s across the street from her century home she lived in for so long. The bench is located under a lovely tree, ready to be sat on by leisurely readers!

Many thanks to King staff including Kyle Brett for making this happen.

The King Connection wrote this article with photo:

Bench at Schomberg library honours one of township’s finest volunteers

King lost one of its most influential citizens last year. Margaret Coburn helped start Concerned Citizens of King Township and Save the Oak Ridges Moraine. She also ran for mayor and was a York Region school board trustee.

Now residents can enjoy all the contributions Coburn made to the community on a special bench dedicated to her outside the Schomberg Public Library.

“She was such a prolific figure in the community,” current Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT) chair Greg Locke said. After Coburn passed away last year, Locke said the community group that Coburn help start wanted to do something in her honour. The library in Schomberg seemed like the perfect location. Not only because many people could enjoy some respite on it during a beautiful day, but also because it was right across the road from the old postmaster’s house where Coburn lived for more than 50 years, Locke said.

Coburn also served on the King library board and was a librarian by trade.

Locke said Coburn was active almost to the end of her life, working on the roads committee with CCKT to monitor and engage in the proposed Highway 413 proposal, and earlier, in the Highway 427 expansion plans.

CCKT was originally formed to fight of massive garbage dump proposal just west of Schomberg, and Coburn and the group’s advocacy progressed from there.

Earlier in life, Coburn served as a volunteer ambulance drive for the British Red Cross from 1943 to 1945 during the Second World War.

Coburn didn’t hesitate in taking what others considered an unwanted post at the London docks. Every day, the routine was the same. Take injured men from the boat to the hospital. The ambulance would fit four soldiers in the back. Each hospital specialized in something, so you would have to take all the people with hip injuries to one hospital while all the people with leg injuries would went to another.

When the war ended in 1945, Coburn headed back to Canada, where she studied to be a librarian at McGill. She eventually moved to the postmaster house with her husband.