Lake Simcoe Protection Plan

Dec 19, 2010

Campaign Lake Simcoe has published its response to the draft Lake Simcoe Protection Plan. The draft plan is only a beginning, it requires significant improvements. One major theme throughout the improvements is the need for the Protection Plan to apply to residents, cottagers and developers equally.

The Plan For Success did address the risk that the gas-fired generator in the Holland Marsh represents to Lake Simcoe as it is in its watershed: specifically it recommends “ delay[ing] the approval of the provincial natural gas peaker plant in Holland Marsh until the environmental impact of particulates on soils and water has been determined to be negligible.

Already 21 groups, including CCKT, have indicated support and are signors to “Plan for Succes: A Citizen Response to the draft Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.” To read the Plan go to

To read the press announcement of the Plan For Success by Environmental Defense, including the Plan’s top 10 recommendations go to

March 17 the second reading debate of Bill 99 (Lake Simcoe Protection Act) began. To read Minister Gerretsen’s (Minister of Enviroment) opening remarks go to