KT Council meeting notes: 11/02/20

Nov 23, 2020

13735 Highway 27 & 15th Sideroad, Nobleton (S.E. corner)

  • Proposal for 170 single detached dwellings, 7 units to 12 units per hectare; medium density, 40’ & 50’ lots.
  • Virtual open house was held Sept. 16/20.  Concerns were:  total number of housing units and density; road connection to existing neighbourhood in the south; impacts to wetlands, woodlands, and open spaces; environmental buffers.
  • Lands considered ‘future urban area’ for Nobleton.  Originally not part of Nobleton’s urban plan.  Appeal to the Region on King’s new Official Plan (new OP doesn’t go as far as earlier OMB decision).
  • Other matters raised:  water & sanitary servicing capacity; coordination with surrounding areas with respect to proposed trails, roads, servicing connections; noise mitigation (rear yards) from Highway 27; street-scape; parkland (total area, config, location) sharing with stormwater management; traffic impact & traffic calming; heritage building on property.
  • Access proposed at 15th Sideroad and Paradise Valley Trail.  Citizens have asked for access to/from Highway 27.  Applicant will ask the Region.
  • Councillor Boyd:  Number of homes permitted – not to exceed 7 units unless identified benefits to the community; opportunities to link communities via “active transportation”; concerns with road width, traffic connection to Paradise Valley, safety issues; limited servicing; wetlands and forest which abuts the land.
  • Deputations:  Even with proposed buffer system, putting strain on wetlands; impact to wetlands from contaminants, issues for migratory birds, aquifer; concerns with wetlands & trails.  Issues with traffic, cutting access to trails; instead extend walking trail to new subdivision and add access to Hwy 27.
  • Councillor Schaefer:  House does have heritage significance; Charles Fry 1826 and multi-generations of family; represents Nobleton’s farm history.  (Currently listed on registry, but not designated).
  •  Meeting closed.  Accept recommendations.

204 Dew Street, King City, Zoning & OP Amendment

  • Today low-density, single dwelling.  Permit requested for 5 single dwellings — 1 larger home on Dew Street (approx. 3,000 sq ft) and 4 smaller detached “condo” houses (2400 – 2500 sq ft) on north-south private laneway.
  • Public sessions were held on Oct. 21st.  Concerns:  fire access; parking on site; removal of trees; traffic increase; reduction of sunlight; drainage.
  • Meeting discussions:  4 visitor parking spots at back (2 accessible); height of buildings (lower height & wider lots than PACE development); fencing & screening to large homes to the west; fence height, plantings; train noise on north side (noise assessment done; noise reduction wall); side, front & rear setbacks.
  • Deputations:  Suggested put laneway on other side; has already lost mature trees on his property due to PACE development to the east; grading, drainage issue concerns; 12’ high fence needed; what guarantees to protect wildlife, trees, creek.
  • Councillor Schaefer:  How about bungalows on the laneway for different demographic — older individuals looking to downsize.
  • Received; back to Council.

Cannabis production facilities

  • King Township initiated general amendment to zoning by-laws.  Existing By-Laws were enacted in June 2018.  What was not captured and not regulated was “Production for Personal Medical Use” & co-locate with others for that purpose.  Proposed amendments will define all ‘Registered’ growing.
  • My opinion:  The deputation and the presentation from Avia Eek were shocking.  70+ acres of the Marsh is out of food production due to the number of cannabis operations — at least 12 in total.  Many issues:  serious criminal activities; the stench; safety of local residents; social impact to community; farmland over-priced, therefore, not available to new farmers; use of well water by cannabis operations.