King Votes 2018: Read + Compare CCKT Candidate Questionnaire Responses!

Sep 27, 2018

For the first time, CCKT has queried all 14 Municipal Candidates participating in this Fall’s upcoming election for their responses to 14 questions that we know are of interest to our Members and many of the voting public in King.

CCKT traditionally engages the voting public in King by hosting All Candidate Meetings (ACM’s) for all three levels of government.  This time around is no exception! (See links to our two ACM dates below.)

We received responses from 11 of 14 registered Candidates to our Questionnaire. We have formatted them by Ward (6 documents in total).

You can conveniently view and compare responses in the documents we’ve prepared:

  • Click on the Ward/Candidate document of your choice: You will be presented with the 14-question list as well as contact information for each candidate.  Each question is “clickable”, that is, clicking any question will bring you to the Candidate(s) answer page to that question.  You can easily compare answers.
  • Click to go back to the question list by clicking the “return to top of document” link at the bottom of each answer page.
  • Save each Ward document to you local computer for later viewing, or you can simply go back to the list of responses by Ward and click another one.

Here is the list of responses by Ward below. Not sure what Ward you are in?  See graphic below.

Click and the document will open in your browser for viewing:

Click Here for Cescolini – Colasanti – Mortelliti Ward 1

Click Here for Boyd – Draisey Ward 2

Click Here for Schneider – Simpson Ward 3

Click Here for Asselstine – Cober Ward 4

Click Here for Mozaffari – Payne – Schaefer Ward 5

Click Here for Dyriw – Eek Ward 6


Be sure to attend our All Candidate Meetings on October 10th and 11.

CCKT All Candidate Meetings Schedule:

King Township Candidates Meeting: Wards 1 and 5
King Township Candidates Meeting: Wards 2, 3, 4 and 6