King Township Rural Zoning By-law Review

May 26, 2021

King is currently going through a step-by-step process to review the Township’s Rural Zoning By-law which dates back to 1974.  The Rural Zoning By-law Review was launched in December 2020 with a public on-line workshop and affirmed a number of opportunities for public consultation.  CCKT has actively been monitoring and participating in the process.  As part of the current process a “Discussion Paper” was introduced in December 2020 which highlights a number of important issues, questions and options to consider.  To learn more please follow the link to the King Township page focused on the Rural Zoning By-law Review.

Time Line for Rural Zoning By-law Review

December 2020.  On-line Introduction Presentation for the Public.  Key issues and areas of focus were highlighted. 

February 2021.  Initial questions and comments received from the public including residents, businesses, and organizations.

April 2021.  Two on-line workshops held: 

  1. Agricultural and Rural Lands. 
  2. Hamlets.  CCKT board members attended one or both workshops.

June 2021.  Expected release of the First Draft of the new Rural Zoning By-law.

June, July and August, 2021.  The Public may review the Draft By-law and submit comments.

September 2021.  Anticipated completion of the Final Draft for Council’s and the Public’s consideration in a Public Meeting

October 2021.  Approval of Council.

Purpose of a Zoning By-law

–– A zoning by-law is essentially a key tool in implementing the Official Plan
–– It focuses on the fine details.  e.g. amount of pervious surface
–– Regulates use of land and buildings
–– Regulates size of lots, heights of buildings, location and setbacks on lots
–– The Zoning By-law divides King Township into various zones. 

Goals in the Rural Zoning By-law Review include the following:  

–– The new Rural Zoning By-law (RZB-L) needs to conform to the King Township Official Plan (KTOP) completed and approved by Council in 2017.
–– Modernize and improve the current zoning by-law.  e.g. Consider climate change issues – include pervious surface regulations (40% or 50% of lot), etc.
–– Reflect recent studies, mapping and trends in rural areas.
–– Write regulations that are clear and easy to enforce.

Several Issues Discussed in Workshops and CCKTs Comments

–– Existing incompatible uses in hamlets (e.g. industrial and residential in close proximity).  CCKT supports a process to eliminate heavy industrial uses such as aggregate storage and trucking within a hamlet by introducing zoning that would make these current uses “Legal Non-conforming” and in specific instances pre-zoning heavy industrial lands to residential or other compatible hamlet zone.
–– Specific residential zones tailored to various sizes of lots in hamlets (e.g. smaller lots in the historical core or a hamlet, larger residential lots on the edges of hamlets).  One of the goals is to retain the heritage and fabric of the historic core areas of the hamlets. Kettleby is a prime example.
–– CCKT supports secondary residential units in hamlets and the rural area, and recommends creating a King Township registry for B & B’s.
–– On Farm Diversified Uses:  CCKT supports a number of secondary farm uses which are complimentary to the prime agricultural use, do not diminish the main agricultural use and only take up a small portion of the land.  e.g. Fruit and vegetable market sales, pick-your-own operations, small-scale café and gift shop, small-scale winery where grapes and other fruits are grown, etc.

Public Participation

CCKT recognizes that a good number of the group’s members live in hamlets and rural areas.  We encourage you to participate in the process.  Visit the following Township webpage for helpful information and to view videos from presentations and workshops which have already taken place:

When the First Draft of the new King Township Rural Zoning By-law (includes hamlets and agricultural lands) is released, likely near the end of June, review this draft document and submit comments.

Policy Planner, Kristen Harrison is the King Township Planning contact in the Rural Zoning By-law Review and can receive comments and pass them on to the planning consultant, wsp, for full consideration.