King Tomorrow

Dec 19, 2010

Where are we going? Our official plans give us some indication of where we will go over the next 20 years but how the plans are implemented and whether we allow the plans to be compromised is up to our representatives. As citizens in a democracy, we have the responsibility to voice our opinion to our government representatives. It’s your future; make your voice heard.

Some questions about our future..

Will our plans protect us? Will our Council demand that the boundaries of our communities not be compromised?

Will we keep our rural water or drain the moraine with more pipes?

Will our farms remain viable or will they have to sell out?

Will we become the dumping ground of urban areas or remain a country oasis?

Can our municipality afford the new urban growth or will King be compromised by debt?

Will our urban centres (the villages and hamlets) have unique character or will they be “cookie cutter” urban centres which could be anywhere?

Can we preserve our ‘sense of place’ in King Township by keeping the best elements of our rural heritage?

Websites/Articles of Interest

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