King City

Dec 19, 2010

Sewer servicing for the village is now more than 50% complete and development proposals for the east side of King City were draft approved in June by King Township Council. At present there are five applications: King North, King Dufferin, Kingshire Estates, Hickory Hills and Osmington. These subdivisions will eventually add around 651 housing units or 1950 more people to the village plus some mixed-use commercial in King North. (For locations, see Map at right). Additional development applications are expected to be submitted in the near future. As required by the King City Community Plan, the developers have submitted detailed studies integrating the subdivisions – these are known as The Functional Servicing Study for King City East. (See Map 2 at right, study can be viewed in King City Library)
CCKT have made several deputations to Council highlighting the following key issues which we wish to see included in the development plans:

  1. Trees need to be retained
  2. A variety of housing types is important
  3. Wetland buffer areas are critically important
  4. Village-wide walking trails are key to good community planning
  5. King Township has excellent opportunity to mandate ‘green development’
  6. Importance of parkland

A particular issue with the Osmington application (southernmost subdivision on Keele) is the proposal to develop lands for housing which had been included in a Special Study Area in the King City Community Plan. Even though the Ministry of Natural Resources had stated in studies in the late 90s that “these wetlands and associated upland forests be protected from any development or terrain alteration and that no fill permits be given for any of the wetlands and their associated streams“, the Council voted to re-zone this area for housing development through Official Plan Amendment 65 (June 2, 2008). CCKT has protested this major re-zoning, so far unsuccessfully.

Further details on development proposals are available on the Township’s website,