Keele Street & Clearview Crescent Development Application

Nov 23, 2020

Proposed Six-Story Condominium Apartment Building with 161 Units

Public Meeting on September 28, 2020 concerning development at 12765, 12781, 12789 Keele Street, and 17 Elizabeth Grove, King City. Revised applications were submitted to consider a different form of development at a greater density on a larger site than was in the original application (since #17 Elizabeth Grove was acquired and added to the development parcel). A single building containing 6-stories is now proposed to support a total of 161 apartment dwelling units and 281 square meters of ground floor commercial space.

Summary & Background

  1. 2016: 48 stacked townhouses proposed at 109 units/ha. (4 stories+ mechanical on top). Very crowded and dense for the site with lots of stairs.
  2. Resident focus group formed to meet with planner and proponent. Approximately three meetings took place with recommendations for revisions to the plan.
  3. About early 2017: A revised plan was presented with 28 back-to-back townhouses. Row of 14 townhouses along Keele looked "monolithic" according to Debbie.
  4. Dec 2017: Proponent appeals to OMB/LPAT based on the fact Council had not made a decision regarding the first application. Appeal was filed just in time to be considered under the OMB rules.
  5. Proponent purchases an additional property fronting on Elizabeth Grove at Keele Street. Overall site size is increased to 0.56 ha.
  6. September 2020: Dramatically changed application and proposal is presented to the public with a six-story apartment building running parallel to Keele Street between Clearview Crescent and Elizabeth Grove.
  7. September 28, 2020: Public Meeting held by King Township.

Features and Details Being Proposed

  • 161 one and two-bedroom units. Approx. 550 sq ft to 1000 sq ft. ap-prox. 250 units/ha on 0.56 ha site – considered high density.
  • 281 sq. metres of commercial space on ground floor, south section of the building.
  • Three underground levels for parking – 262 parking spaces under-ground + 12 spaces at grade. Based on number of residential units and commercial space, 212 parking spaces are required in OP.
  • Two driveway access points. Driveway access from both Clearview Crescent and Elizabeth Grove.
  • Height of 26 m and includes 4 metre height of mechanical room on top of the sixth story. Appears to be 7+ stories with mechanical enclosure. Much, much higher than existing residential heights immediately to the east. Clearview Heights would no longer have a "clear view". Basically a building wall will cover the view looking west from Clearview Heights.
  • Some modest tiering for the 5th and 6th floors on two sides (south and east); roof-top terrace.
  • Very small setback from Keele Street. Building very close to the sidewalk along Keele Street.
  • Close proximity to GO Station. Is in Transit Station Zone where in-tensification is appropriate subject to provisions (compatibility with and suitable transitions to existing residential and streetscape).
  • Some EV charging stations to be included in parking. Looking at low-flow plumbing fixtures, rainwater collection, reflective roof.
  • Note: Keele One proposal on west side of Keele has been approved with four story stacked townhouses + mechanical on top.

There were 5 in-person deputations and 18 written communications received at the September 28th public meeting. Residents expressed a number of concerns:

  • size & scale of the building; excessive intensification;
  • architectural design and massing; monolithic, uncomplimentary “cookie cutter” design;
  • question energy efficiency – glass & metal building materials, and greenhouse gas emissions; climate emergency;
  • transition to existing residential; lack of open space, green space; setbacks and buffers; impact on privacy, overshadowing and blocking of views due to height of the building;
  • compatibility to character of Keele Street and heritage homes to the north; too urban and not reflective of King City; lack of heritage features;
  • increased traffic – shortcuts through neighbourhoods, no sidewalks, safety concerns; entrance/exit from the property; parking on Keele;
  • arborist report; many existing trees removed; plans for tree planting & preservation;
  • ground water and pumping concerns with three level underground parking; possible flooding and contamination to local properties (site previous gas station);
  • Suggestion of four stories, much less height and massing; increase setback from Keele and add front parking spaces;
  • Dedicated park space and green space should be included, design should be more reflective of Keele Street’s streetscape and heritage character.

Resolved by Council that Township Staff continue to work with the Applicant in advance of the LPAT hearing to try and address the matters identified and comments received.

Here is a link to the planning staff report presented on September 28th. Scroll down to 7.3 and click on the staff report.