GTA West Corridor Update due in 60 Days: MTO Announcement

Dec 2, 2017

What happened to the GTA West Project?

We’ve been wondering that ourselves and alas the Ministry of Transport is opening its Kimono, albeit slightly.  We took a screen shot of this announcement on the project’s website:


To be clear: CCKT is opposed to this project, for reasons we describe in detail in our August 2015 post on this subject:

GTA-West Project: CCKT Position

We have posted several articles on this website regarding this project.  Search “GTA West” in the search bar above and you will see them all.

Tim Kelly of the Vaughan Citizen wrote this short article in this week’s edition:

Clock ticking on future of GTA West corridor as update due in 60 days

If constructed, Hwy. 413 will connect Hwy. 400 in the north with Hwy. 407/Hwy. 401 in the west.

We may well know within 60 days whether we’ll have a future superhighway in the Greater Toronto Area.

The GTA West Corridor, also known as Hwy. 413, has been under study for years, and the latest, and perhaps final chapter in the review of the project is about to take place.

This week, the Ministry of Transportation announced on the webpage for the project it has received a report from the panel put in place to review the future of the GTA West Corridor and that Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca, MPP for Vaughan, will provide an update on the highway’s future within 60 days.

In December 2015, the Ministry of Transportation suspended work on the Environmental Assessment of the GTA West Corridor because it said there had been “recent changes in government policy and transportation technology that could impact the demand for travel.”

Soon after, a panel was appointed to review the project.

While the government is developing its response, lands in the GTA West focused analysis area will continue to be protected.

The transportation corridor, if constructed will feature a 400-series highway, a transitway, and potential goods movement priority features.

It will run north of the current 407 toll highway and connect Hwy. 400 in the north with Hwy. 407/Hwy. 401 in the west.