Former MP’s Letter to Editor re Marylake

Letter to the Editor - King Weekly Sentinel

Former MP comments on LTC facility

The following letter, to King Chamber President Michelle Frauley, was submitted to the Sentinel.

I first want to congratulate you on your new role as Chair of the King Chamber. As the former MP for King-Vaughan, I have always respected the important work done by the Chamber and appreciated our conversations. I know you bring an important perspective to the Chamber and wish you well, however, I want to express my disappointment upon seeing the large ad in the Sentinel by the King Chamber in support of the proposed Mary Lake Long Term Care (LTC) facility.

While it is recognized that we need more LTC facilities, along with other types of supportive housing for seniors, the proposal to locate a LTC facility at Mary Lake is inappropriate.

You of all people are aware of the many challenges this sector faces, much of it centred around staffing. Many staff are not paid enough to live locally, nor own a car, so they rely on public transit to access employment. It is essential to locate these facilities on public transit routes, which is also essential for family members who do not drive.

It is clear that locating LTC facilities in remote locations, not connected with public transit, away from communities and services, is a disservice to residents and a barrier to staffing.

I appreciate that the Chamber is supporting the creation of jobs, however this is not the right location for a LTC facility.

Deb Schulte