East-west mid York Transportation Study Area (the option north of 15th SDRD.)

Dec 19, 2010

What are the terms of reference for this study? King Council has requested creation of King City By-pass and that it should be south of King Road. To that end, once the Teston Road interchange is on-line a new assessment of the need should be undertaken.

Why would you even start assessing the impact of the corridor being in the vicinity of the 15th and 17th Sideroads? Building a new east- west road down the length of the Moraine somewhere between the 17th and 15th Sideroads would cause major damage. It is true that infrastructure is permitted on the ORM but only if there is no reasonable alternative.

We encourage the Region of York to use its expertise and energy to find a solution off the Moraine: the value of the latter has already been proven and that is why there is the legislation to protect it.