Council Update June 22/2020

Jul 26, 2020

9.1  Growth Management Services Department Report Number GMS-2020-02 Re: Severances in the Villages of King Township

9.2  Growth Management Services Department Report Number GMS-2020-03 Re: Site Plan Approval Delegation

Trying out during COVID only, then reassess.

Cescolini – agree re interim basis, then reassess;  moved by Cescolini  amendment to Dec 1.

Schaeffer – comment one delegate re extending patios, 2nd on site plan;  Mayor says apply to both – concern about site plan eleviated re Naylor.  Any member of council can bump up the issue.  Period of time:  Dec 1 is good for me.

Cober  Dec 1st or Dec 15

Boyd:  should be a stand alone (independent of COVID) to Dec 1 or end of year. 

9.3 Finance Department Report Number FR-2020-05 Re: 2019 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements for the Township of King

Earlier presentation; boring is good 

$1.6 million surplus. 


Schaeffer – comments –  agree with proposal to put into tax rate stabilization reserve.  Council needs to be diligent using it for unplanned net expenditures that come with COVID-19.  Want a very detailed report on how surplus being used.

Moved to accept;  unanimous

Paragraph at top of page 4;  not counting on surplus to be there next year

Cober – goes on about some years re weather related road issues.  Lucky so far this year.  Not sure what is ahead.

9.4  Finance Department Report Number FR-2020-06 Re: 2020 Tax Rates and Tax Billing

Questions;  Schneider moved.  All in favour

9.5   Finance Department Report Number FR-2020-07 Re: 2021-2022 Budget Direction Report

Mayor – need to flatten budget.  Lost jobs, businesses.

Staff needs to go back, not supporting  2.8 %??

Can’t open Nobleton pool without tax increase. 

Can’t ask for tax increase.

AVIA – public consultation, cut some services?  This is only to direct staff.

Schaeffer – goal of zero tax increase for next year.  Yes.

Incrimental user fees and charged  2.5 % too high (Schaeffer)  suggested of 0.5 % unless good justification.  Need to reassess program changes.  Concerned budget direction report should have a detailed summary re COVID. 

Section 4, analysis, budget pressures – eyes open.  Climate change initiatives concerning.  July 2019, Climate Emergency declared – we need to show we’re still doing that, inspite of pandemic.  We may need to change priorities, but we consider it is still very important. 

Cescolina  agree with near zero tax increase; agree with detailed summary.  Just set general direction, then get public input.  Remain cautious.

Boyd:  In favour of near zero increase.   User fee – increase may need to be flexible.  Clubs may be smaller, hockey players reduced.  Elite athletes will be willing to pay more, to get service – enable staff to be in those discussions.

 CAO – Stoffolis – staff will try and bring options for zero increase.  Will require  establishing minimum services.  Many of discretionary programs will be seriously affected. Looking to government if there can be help. 

Schaeffer – like council agreement – recommendation, assumption of climate emergency to be maintained.

Cober – CAO, no frills budget, priorities may have to change, and be modest.  Climate change? Too early to single out and save.

Cescolina – agree with Cober, do not support putting Climate change on no touch list.

Schaeffer – air is an essential service!  We need to work on setting the goal.

Mayor asks if she wants a formal amendment?

Boyd – re-iterate Councillor Eek, budgets built around public participation.  Show up at village budget meetings to express your priorities.

Schaeffer – you’ve heard my opinion.

CAO – C1 – services level options to get to zero;  moved.

9.6  Public Works and Finance Departments Joint Report Number JR-2020-03 Re: 2020 Drinking Water System Financial Plan

Boyd – initial increase;  report 13% increase in year 1;  try and level it out.  Ratepayers fatigued.  Year over year 3%, would like to see that for year 1;

CAO – rate setting may be different, consultant  will discuss with council.  Not as it appears now.

Mr Irwin consultant – must submit through ministry.  Forecast water and waste water rate to show adequate.  Financial life cycle renewal.    Region did roll back increased re COVID-19, so savings to be had?

Cober moved, carried

9.7  Fire and Emergency Services Report Number FD-2020-02

Eek:  congratulations on compliance.  Moved, carried.

9.8  Fire and Emergency Services Department Report Number FD-2020-03 Re: Emergency Plan

Cescolina moved, carried.

9.9 Community Services Department Report Number PRC-2020-06 Re: Update – Memorandum of Understanding Extension – Seneca College

Cescolini – moved, carried

9.10 Finance Department Report Number FR-2020-08 Re: King City East Landowners Group Spine Servicing Agreement

Eek – question:  laying for infrastructure, connectivity.

Schaeffer – clarification –  all developers (7-8) are they all part of agreement.  Will all be in order 1 separately.

CAO – most are in agreement.  Will do entire area.   Will be requirements for any additional ones.

Cescolina moved, carried

9.11 Growth Management Services Department Report Number GMS-2020-01 Re: Municipal Capital Facility Agreement Nobleton North Landowners Part East Half Lot 9, Concession 9

CAO – moved by Boyd, carried

10.1 Notices

New Business – Cescolini,

Boyd – Richard McCardy, York Regional Police, COVID no neighbourhood get togethers like neighbourhood watch, try and get a how too article on how to do it, into newspaper.

Mayor: theft down by ½;

Schneider – thanks to staff re roads

Cober – congratulate Steve Gillies – re roads (he’s retiring I think)

Schaeffer – thanks to staff and service King

Eek – question for Mr Naylor – Bradford West Guillimgery, etc – re cannabis problems.  King residents asking about getting our zoning bylaw in shape too.  Nuisance bylaw, for the stench.  When or are we already working on it.

Mr Naylor – in discussion.  We are now in step with Bradford/ West Guillimbery.  WE’re examining our bylaws.

Eek – timeline. 

Mr. Naylor.  Bylaw – by fall

Eek adjourn.

Back into council.