CCKT Volunteer Service Awards: 80 years combined volunteer service!

May 11, 2017

Congratulations to several Board members of Concerned Citizens of King Township for receiving volunteer milestones last evening at the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards 2017 in Markham:


Bruce Craig              10 Years
Fred Jessop              15 Years
Lee Ann Kraft          15 Years
Greg Locke               10 Years
Mike Shackleford      5 Years
Gillian Watt              25 Years

We are especially proud of our long standing Board member Gill Watt for her outstanding length and dedication of service to the King Township and greater communities!


Concerned Citizens of King Township (, a longstanding King Township volunteer group, was recently recognized in Ontario’s 2017 Provincial Volunteer Service Awards presented in Markham on May 10th. Six members of CCKT received certificates and pins for their years of service on the CCKT Board of Directors – Gill Watt: 25 years; Fred Jessop: 15 years; Lee Ann Kraft: 15 years; Bruce Craig: 10 years; Greg Locke: 10 years; and Mike Shackleford: 5 years.

The six CCKT board members receiving service awards gratefully acknowledge Geoff Simpson who joined the board three years ago and took the initiative to recognize his fellow board members through Ontario’s Volunteer Service Awards program.

CCKT members today and through its 46 year history all share a passion and deep appreciation for King Township. Each one has an interest in conserving the rural heritage and character of both the rural and village areas, and the many wonderful natural features on the Oak Ridges Moraine and throughout all corners of the Township. Each person also values the important role citizens play in contributing to their communities and helping to shape the future of King Township and beyond.

CCKT was formed in 1971 in response to Ontario Hydro’s plan to build a wide corridor with high transmission towers right through the center of King Township over the Oak Ridges Moraine. Since that time 100’s of King citizens have helped and served in this grassroots organization, seeking to bring a clear citizen voice to many issues related to protecting the natural heritage of King and the Oak Ridges Moraine, and to sound planning in the rural areas, the hamlets and the three villages.

One of the very positive benefits CCKT members and board members enjoy is the strong sense of teamwork and the many friendships that take root through shared interests and participation together in various projects. Bruce Craig adds, “There is a lot of valuable learning we all do through research and participation in many Township initiatives related to planning and conserving the natural environment.”

Gill Watt, who moved to King Township in the 1960’s, has witnessed many significant changes in King Township over the years. She brings an insightful perspective. Gill’s ongoing dedicated service as membership secretary, attendance at Council meetings, organizing events and keeping the board focused is valued by all current and past board members who have worked with Gill.

Fred Jessop, retired Chief Technician of the McLaughlan Planetarium, is Treasurer. Fred is the subject matter expert on roads and transportation-related issues facing King.

Lee Ann Kraft is a lifelong King resident and provides input and comment on a wide array of issues in King. Along with Gill, she is key to organizing special events and meetings for CCKT.

Bruce Craig is a retired elementary school teacher with YRDSB and a King City resident since 1992. Bruce’s engagement with CCKT goes back to the “Big Pipe” sewer conflict and Community Plan and Official Plan planning processes in King in the mid-1990’s. Bruce has been concerned with several environmental and planning related issues facing King, sustaining and preserving the Oak Ridges Moraine in particular.

Greg Locke is an 11-year King resident, glass artist and Seneca College business instructor. Greg has been most engaged with issues relating to the sustainability and preservation of King’s village cores. He has also provided valuable leadership to CCKT in the past five years.

Mike Shackleford has been a King resident for 22 years and was a founding member of King Environmental Groups (KEG), which actively opposed the Big Pipe (YDSS) to King City. Mike is passionate about preserving King’s obvious environmental assets and believes in all levels of government adhering to fiscal and managerial accountability and transparency.

The CCKT Board hopes the valuable insight and voice of citizens continues to contribute to a positive future in King Township, on the Oak Ridges Moraine and beyond.