CCKT Letter to King Township Re: King Hill, Janeking Holdings, and Jane King South

March 1, 2021

To:  King Township Council

Mayor Steve Pellegrini and Members of King Township Council,

Re:  Mar. 1, 2021.  Council Item 7.2. Planning Division Public Planning Meeting Report GMS-PL-2021-09.  Owner:  King Hill Inc. and King Jane

Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT) has taken an active interest in the Prestige Employment Area of King City for the past eight years and more recently the residential area of the Janeking and Jane King South properties.  We understand that three properties, King Hill, Janeking Holdings, and Jane King South are proceeding together in the planning application.

Residential Area:  CCKT generally supports the mix of housing options being planned for the Janeking and Jane King South properties – smaller-scaled “lifestyle” residential units, townhouses, semi-detached and single detached homes.  CCKT notes that the residential development shows a high level of  attention to respecting the natural heritage features and 30 m buffers.

Prestige Employment Area:  CCKT recognizes King Township’s need to increase the commercial tax base and create additional diverse employment opportunities in King.  We advocate for retaining the entire Prestige Employment Area of King Hill for appropriate employment purposes and opportunities.  CCKT supports the designation and vision for this employment area in the new King Township Official Plan, and the policies outlined in Section 5.10 and in Section 5.17.2 for V-SSPA-2.  We note that while recognizing the variety of permitted uses, the Official Plan policies for the Prestige Employment Area do not permit a number of uses including:  open storage, car sales and service, car storage lots, retail stores which are not ancillary to the businesses in the employment area, waste transfer stations and various heavy industrial uses.  CCKT supports this. 

It is highly important to create an employment area that is compatible to adjacent residential and institutional uses, and contributes to an attractive and welcoming gateway to King City.  The uses specified in the Official Plan including offices and light industrial uses as defined in the staff report appear to be appropriate for this employment area and serve to achieve the vision.

Future Development Blocks:  CCKT expresses concern with the Future Development blocks shown on the map in Appendix B.  In the public interest and the interest of King Township, we request that the intended and planned uses for these blocks be clarified and described with reasonable detail before approval is given to the King Hill development proposal and the site plan.  CCKT understands that the request for “conversion” of lands on the King Hill site is not proceeding.  We understand that the Future Development blocks will be part of the Prestige Employment Area and the policies described in Section 5.17.2 of the King Township Official Plan.  Again, clarification is required. 

Ancillary Commercial Uses:  The King Township Official Plan is clear that the intent of ancillary commercial uses is to primarily support employees and businesses within the King Hill employment area.  There are a number of policies in Section 5.10 that direct commercial uses to employment buildings in the employment area.  e.g. a pharmacy in a medical building.  CCKT recommends that the commercial uses should be well-integrated into the Prestige Employment Area and have a very subtle presence.  This will help maintain a high aesthetic in this high profile employment area on the west side of King City.

The commercial uses are intended to be ancillary, and not designed to be prominent and to draw in significant numbers of the broader residential community or travellers from outside of the employment area.  To this end, CCKT does not support clustering commercial uses in commercial blocks along major township roadways, but requests a thoughtful integration of ancillary shops, restaurants, and ancillary services, etc. within the employment area. 


CCKT sees an attractive and potentially well-designed prestige employment area taking shape which will provide diverse opportunities for employment in King City.  The residential component on the Janeking and Jane King South lands provides several forms of housing in what could well be an attractive and welcoming residential subdivision with abundant green space for trails and outdoor activities.  In addition, landscaping with reasonably large nursery trees and a variety of shrubs will contribute greatly to both the residential and employment areas.

Thank you for considering the above comments.

Sincerely, J. Bruce Craig, Chair, on behalf of CCKT