NCC Nature Talks – June 4

Join the Nature Conservancy of Canada for an afternoon with Bill lishman (aka ‘Father Goose”), renowned sculptor, filmmaker, inventor, and naturalist, whose work has inspired the films Fly Away Home and Winged Migration Download the Poster

King Township Bylaws: What’s Happening with Them?

March 9th  marks our first General Meeting of 2016. We’ve been saving a topic near and dear to our hearts, not only on our CCKT Board; not only among our Members; but also, with our King citizenry! Bylaws the their enforcement are, not surprisingly, a fairly constant source of tension, especially for those of us […]

Ontario to Review GTA West Corridor Project

Guess what? Today the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, under Minister Steven Del Duca, announced it has: “… suspended its work on the environmental assessment of the Greater Toronto Area West Highway Corridor (GTA West). The project will be reviewed and an update will be provided in spring 2016.” This is certainly great news. Not a […]

Schulte elected the first MP for King-Vaughan

After this long, 13 week national campaign, Concerned Citizens of King Township announces our first Member of Parliament for King-Vaughan: Deb Schulte. Congratulations Deb!    We also want to congratulate candidates Ann Raney and Natalie Rizzo for their obvious hard work and dedication to our communities.   Your participation at our All Candidates Meeting was excellent – […]

Candidates show their passion at CCKT All Candidates Meeting

(This is a reprint of local coverage of the event in the King Weekly Sentinel published October 14, 2015).   By Mark Pavilons CANDIDATES SHOW THEIR PASSION AT CCKT DEBATE From youth jobs and infrastructure to climate change, candidates seeking to become King-Vaughan’s first MP showed their passion during last week’s all-candidates’ meeting. The event, […]